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                     Nautel XR12

Transmitter Type

Medium wave, 100% solid state


Two RF power modules each including eight broadband RF amplifiers and four modulators. Third redundant spare module with full automatic changeover. Dual DDS exciters and modulation encoders. Full automatic changeover.

RF Output

Power Maximum: 15 kW Power Range:1kWto15kW

Six programmable preset power level profiles, selectable locally or remotely

RF Output Connection

1 5/8 inch EIA flange or to customer specifications

RF Output Impedance

50 ohms, unbalanced


84% typical


2,000 peak reflected watts 1.5:1 VSWR at 12 kW, 100% modulation

Frequency Range

531 kHz to 1,710 kHz. Supplied, tuned and tested to one frequency as specified

Frequency Stability

2 ppm over temperature range. External GPS for increased stability

Modulation Type

Nautel Wideband Interphase Pulse Duration Modulator


Modulation Capability

155% positive peak modulation at 10 kW 145% positive peak modulation at 12 kW 120% positive peak modulation at 15 kW

Spurious and Harmonic

Exceeds FCC, IC and ITU requirements 80 dB relative to carrier


Voltage, 188Vto480V,3phase,50Hzor60Hzto customer specifications

Power Supply Variation

10% voltage , 47 Hz to 63 Hz

Power Consumption

11.9 kW typical at 10 kW, 0% modulation 17.9 kW typical at 10 kW, 100% modulation

14.3 kW typical at 12 kW, 0% modulation 21.4 kW typical at 12 kW, 100% modulation

Power Factor

0.95 typical


Temperature Range

0C to +50C, Derate 3C per 500 m above sea level (2C per 1,000 ft)

Humidity Range

0% to 95% non-condensing


0 m to 4,000 m (0 ft to 13,000 ft)

Cooling Air Requirements

1,350 CFM