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Surplus Equipment

Transcom Corporation is pleased to present the following list of equipment as  a service both to the fine broadcasters offering these items and to those of you in need of equipment.

We are offering this page, free of charge or commission, to facilitate the exchange of surplus material. Please feel free to use the email noted to request more information or open a channel for negotiations.  If you wish to list items , please use our contact page to email us the details.

Transcom Corporation does not warrant, validate or in any way authenticate the descriptions or representations made below. It is solely the responsibility of the buyer to verify information on this page.

AM Transmitters and Equipment

Description Contact  
500-watt transmitter: Collins, in good condition. It was last operated in 2011 and it worked fine.

60 watt LPB in good condition.  It was last operated in 2011 and it worked fine.
 or 916-969-9636

Best Offer

Continential 316F AM Radio Transmitter, 10 KW on 970 Khz. appears to be in good condition $8,500 OBO
Collins 5 KW Power rock, 5 KW AM on 1460.

or phone (954)871-2002.

$5,000 each
Parts for CCA 1000D AM transmitter, coils, relays, transformers, controls, meters, etc. Make Offer

Continental 317C1 50KW AM Transmitter
Continental 316-f - 10KW AM Transmitter
4 tower array Phasor with 4 ATU's
Potomac 4 tower Phase Monitor
Marti Stereo Microwave system 900-960 mhz
C/Quam AM Stereo Processing System

Email Danny Phillips

 to Make Offer


Description Contact  
18 months of use 12 bay Jampro Penetrator, 1/2 wave spaced RFR, High Power at 97.5 with Radomes Make Offer
2 sets 2 bay rotor tiller antenna spaced at 1 wavelength 101.7 mhz, 1 set has electric dicer with 1 w/o deicer. 1 5/8 inch bottom feed

A 3 bay 1/2 length wavelength antennas 101.7 mhz with deicer 15/8 inch bottom feed

approximately 80 to 100 feet of 1 5/8 inch Andrew microwave feed line

1 Kerns nitrogen regulator  Make Offer

6 bay Jampro penetrator end feed bought in 1995 tuned to 101.9 

Stephen Yates 936-634-4584 or


6 bay, ERI high power roto-tiller antenna, tuned to 1041. Removed for directional. 17-years old and located in MN.
4-bay ERI high power roto-tiller antenna, tuned to 102.3. 17-years old. Removed to co-locate with another station. Located in MN. Both in excellent condition.


Make Offer

Kathrein model 72-31-47, UHF Panels, with all jumpers and power dividers

Sira model UTV, UHF Panels

with all jumpers and power dividers Make offer

4 Bay Jampro on 107.9 with deicers, good condition. 


Shivley 6813 4 bay

or call  859-533-5635

Best Offer
Harris/Dielectric SKM3 3 bay rototiller style FM antenna, on 101.5. It has new interbay lines, shorting stub and bullets/rebuild kit. Best Offer
400' of Dielectric 3-1/8" rigid transmission line. Also have an Andrew dehydrator.
price: Make offer. Best Offer

Studio, Processing, STL, Micro Wave, RPU & Monitoring

Description Contact  

Belar FMSA-1 FM Digital Stereo Monitor
Belar FMRR-1A FM Receiver
Belar SCM-1 SCA Monitor
Belar FMS-2 FM Stereo Monitor

Belar SCM-2 FM SCA Monitor

Belar FMM-2 FM Modulation Monitor









Broadcast Tools ACS 8X2 Stereo Switcher (new in box) Front, Rear


Marti STL20M Solid State STL Make Offer

FM Transmitters

Description Contact  
FM TRANSMITTER-10KW 1PH Armstrong (new style) (removable power chassis) - Can help load. Currently used as Backup. Titusville FL. $5,000 OBO
FM TRANSMITTER-WILKINSON 2500 WATTS TUNED TO 101.7 Solid State IPA, Model X 8000 exciter, numersous spare parts, SCX 1500B has only about 500 hours.  Make Offer
CCA 10,000G , Early 1990s model, Magnolia, AR, on the air, soft tube. 

Contact troy Make Offer
Bauer 602, 2.5 KW FM*Rebuilt by Bauer* w/Nicom exciter    Mike Gaudé

$3,500 or Best Offer.
1978 Collins 831D2-2.5 KW FM transmitter, works great $3,300 or Best Offer
CCA FM10, 10 kW transmitter in excellent operating condition.

PYE - Harris 500W FM solid state transmitter.

Qty 2, Nautel 50 Watt AM transmitters

Continental 317 C 50 kW transmitter complete.

Continental and Collins 10 kW FM transmitter parts. Best Offer
1975 Bauer transmitter 5,000 watt in good condition, used sparingly as backup. needs minor adjustment or repair 3 phase Best Offer

CCA FM8000G @107.9,VAC  208/240,1 Phase, Hours:  50129.9 – In service 4 ½ years….Like New….Built April 1997

or call  859-533-5635

Best Offer
Harris FM25K parts transformers, coils, resistors, cap, knobs, controls, rectifiers. from a working transmitter Best Offer

Harris FM20K 1978, 20KW FM transmitter at 106.7 fm. Spare driver & final tubes (used); Spare base cavity plate Best Offer

Harris FM5K 5KW FM transmitter at 98.3 Mhz W/MS15,

Call W. Arnold 251-232-0743 $600

1975 Gates FM10H transmitter on 99.1MHz. with BEFX50 & TE-3 exciters Excellent condition. Restored about 10 years ago.

Make Offer

BE FM35B 1991, 35KW FM transmitter w/exciter at 93.1. In good working order when removed from service.

215-938-7304 $7,500


TV Transmitters and Equipment


Description Contact  
RCA 9007 Tubes, in good working condition

Burle 9007 and 8977 Tubes, in good working condition

other tubes available

Merit Arnold

Make Offer




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