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Technalogix LP Transmitters TAUD-40
Technalogix LP Translators
Larcan Translators 
Larcan LP Transmitters

Harris Platinum Channel 2 Amplifier Cabinet

Rohde & Schwarz used Digital TV Transmitter

 Special Offer

Rohde & Schwarz factory built digital 7 kW UHF transmitter

Rohde & Schwarz Model NV7500E, Liquid Cooled, three phase,  UHF TV transmitter. This includes a Rohde & Schwarz digital exciter, pump rack and heat exchanger.

*Included Pump Rack                          *Included Heat Exchanger








2 Spare Amplifiers!

Included at no extra charge

7 kW Digital TV transmitter comprising

** Rohde & Schwarz Digital Exciter

**Power amplifiers with power Supply

 Transmitter racks

**Complete, dual pump, cooling system

**2 Spare Amplifers



**Advanced LDMOS technology for power amplifiers

** High redundancy

Tested on Your Channel  $50,000.00


     Just arrived!

Larcan Magnum Digital Transmitters
Never Used
and still in the original crates


SX800 DIGITAL Exciters converted to ISDBt


  Radio Special Offers

Burk Remote & Site Management

    FM Transmitters:

Harris DIGIT Exciter/transmitter
Technalogix TXF50
Crown FM150

Nautel FM10
Nautel Q20, 20KW FM
Harris HT25CD

    AM Transmitters:

1 KW through 50 KW

Nautel XR50- Like NEW!
Nautel NX50- Like NEW!

Gates Air DAX5

      Short Wave Transmitters:

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Jennings Vacuum Capacitors


Variable- UCSX 1000-15S



Now Available

in Digital or Analog


Used Harris, Solid State, UHF Maxiva Transmitter


Rohde & Schwarz Amplifier Repair Service



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