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The Harris Z16HDc is designed for common amplification of both the FM and IBOC DAB signals. The Z16HDc is a 7 kW transmitter and includes the world standard digital FM exciter, DIGIT CD. The Harris DEXSTAR™ HD Radio exciter is the source of the IBOC DAB signal and is combined with the DIGIT CD creating a hybrid signal ready for amplification by the transmitter. DEXSTAR incorporates Harris technology that improves performance, flexibility and ease of operation going above and beyond the iBiquity reference design.

Z-HD transmitters are a linearized version of the Harris Z-CD solid-state transmitters — the world’s most popular with more than 2,000 on the air. The Z-HD transmitters offer the same extraordinary reliability, redundant architecture and low-maintenance design as the Z-CD transmitters.

ZHD Transmitter Models

FM Power Output Range:

Z4HD+: .3 – 2.2 kW Z6HD+: .875 – 3.85 kW
Z8HD+: 1.25 – 5.25 kW
Z12HD+: 1.88 – 7.8 kW
Z16HD+: 2.5 – 10.5 kW
ZD24HD+ 3.76 – 15.6 kW
ZD32HD+: 5 – 21 kW

FM+HD Power Output Range:
(HD signal injection ratio -20dB)
Z4HD+: .375 – 1.65 kW

Z6HD+: .625 – 2.8 kW
Z8HD+: .875 – 4.0 kW
Z12HD+: 1.25 – 6.0 kW
Z16HD+: 1.75 – 8.0 kW
ZD24HD+ 2.50 – 12.0 kW
ZD32HD+: 3.50 – 16.0 kW

HD Power Output Range:

Z4HD+: .225 – .875 kW
Z6HD+: .325 – 1.3 kW
Z8HD+: .435 – 1.75 kW
Z12HD+: .650 – 2.6 kW
Z16HD+: .875 – 3.5 kW
ZD24HD+ 1.30 – 5.2 kW
ZD32HD+: 1.75 – 7.0 kW

RF Output Connector:

All Models: 3 1/8 Inch EIA, 50 ohms
1 5/8 inch EIA step reducer supplied on request at no charge

Harris FlexStarTM HDx digital FM/HD exciter

Frequency Range: 87.5MHz to 108MHz programmable in 10kHz steps

Frequency Stability: ± 150 Hz, 0° to 50°C using high accuracy internal (59.535MHz) TCXO. 10MHz input for synchronization to external (GPS) reference. Automatic switching to internal oscillator if external reference fails.

Overall Efficiency:
HD mode greater than or equal to 26% AC to RF, FM+HD (common mode-20dB ratio) mode greater than or equal to 37% AC to RF, FM (analog only) mode greater than or equal to 55% AC to RF. All figures are at model specific nominal output power.

Harmonic / Spurious Suppression:
Internal harmonic filter meets or exceeds all FCC, IC, CE, CCIR and IEC215 requirements. Meets or exceeds standard NRSC-5A emission limits in all modes.

For load VSWR exceeding 1.5:1, nominal, transmitter automatically reduces RF output as a function of load VSWR (proportional VSWR foldback). For an instantaneous VSWR of 3:1 or greater, an automatic carrier interruption occurs to extinguish possible arcing conditions in the output load.

Modulation Types:
FM digitally synthesized direct to channel, HD digital direct to channel, FM+HD digital direct to channel.

Operating Modes:
“On-the-Fly” switching between FM only, HD only, FM+HD. FM Modulation Capability: Greater than ± 300 kHz.

Asynchronous AM S/N Ratio:
55dB minimum below equivalent 100% amplitude modulation by 400Hz using 75μs de-emphasis (no FM modulation present).

Synchronous AM S/N Ratio
: 50dB minimum below equivalent 100% amplitude modulation with 75μs de-emphasis and 400Hz high-pass filter (FM deviation +/- 75kHz by a 1kHz sine wave). Measured at wideband input.

AC Mains Requirement:

197 to 250V, 1-phase, 50 or 60Hz, 2-wire (plus safety ground) 197 to 250V, 3-phase, 50 or 60Hz, 3-wire Closed Delta or WYE 380 to 415V, 3-phase, 50 or 60Hz, 4-wire WYE
437 to 506V, 3-phase, 60 Hz, 3-wire Closed Delta or WYE



Dimensions 22.4"L x 19"W x 7"H